Paul Munro

My working life to date has revolved around professional music making and teaching. My main interest outside of work has been the study of different Chinese Martial Arts. I had studied the Shaolin martial art Chuan Shu, intensively over a period of ten years. I also undertook a further year of intensive training in Wing Chun. I now teach some of the softer, health improving aspects of these arts to the general public. The art of Chuan Shu, is a generic term for all Shaolin styles and its existence is reputedly over 1000 years old. Shaolin styles are considered hard forms of martial art, as opposed to styles such as taiji, Bagua, Baiji, which are regarded as softer or internal systems. Some of the earliest systems combined both hard and soft techniques and ‘Butterfly Fist’ the Chuan Shu system I studied is one such style. The term Chinese Yoga is derived from the softer aspects of these combined martial arts systems. Chinese Yoga, like its Indian counterpart is a system of breathing & stretching excercises. Exhamples of these stretching excercises include Ba-Duan-Jin, Wu Qin Xi & Yi Jin Ching. The specialised breathing techniques and forms are known as Qi-Gong. These breathing exercise forms can be either static like the highly effective system Zhan Zhuang, or with movement, such as Luohan13 Forms.

Chinese Yoga is especially beneficial for senior citizens as its gentle movements can improve balance, stability and strength without the physical demands placed on the body by other forms of exercise.

Sarah Munro

Prior to having children and becoming a full-time mother, Sarah spent 11 years working for Lloyds Bank Group, at their training centre in Hindhead. Throughout her life, sarah has been a keen horse rider and competitive Eventer. Sarah started riding aged two years and competed from the age of eight years. At age 12, Sarah took part in the Prince Phillip games at the "Horse of the Year" show in London.  Sarah's last horse died in 2009, at which point, Sarah then aged 52 and with a busy family life decided to retire from competitive riding.
A few years later in January 2012, Sarah attended her first yoga class and was hooked from her very first class. Sarah started taking several classes each week and on the recommendation of her two main teachers Sue Woodd & Kathryn Cullen. Sarah enrolled on a Vinyasa power yoga teacher training in Santa Monica, California. Tamil Dodge, a renowned California based yoga master was to become Sarah's teacher and Sarah graduated his training course in November 2012, at the Yoga Collective in Santa Monica. Sarah then headed out to Florida to attend the Budokon Yoga teacher training at the Budokon Headquarters in Miami Beach. Sarah was taught this challenging but graceful style by the budokon founder Cameron Shayne and became certified to teach Budokon Yoga in December 2012 after an very intensive period of study over four weeks and often working a 12-14 hour day.
Since returning from the USA, Sarah has been teaching regular Budokon Yoga, Vinyasa Power yoga, along with Yin/Restorative classes.
Sarah teaches all age ranges from 16 upwards and loves to share her passion for yoga in a fun, light hearted, but challenging way.
Sarah's alignment focussed classes can be adapted for all abilities.
Sarah say's, One of the great joys of teaching is seeing the improvement's in students range of movement and physical and mental wellbeing and on occasion, even lives transformed.
Sarah is married to husband Paul and has four sons, Toby, Henry, Max & Tom. And granddaughter Lola.
Motto, “Live always as if life were just beginning”.

Max Munro

Max decided to leave school after obtaining 9 GCSE`s. Inspired by just one private lesson with Ryan Carldon-Miah, Max set off with his parents to Santa Monica to continue his Wing Chun studies and start his yoga journey. Dissatisfied with the differences in style and teaching of Wing Chun in Santa Monica, Max focussed on his yoga training, attending ten classes each week at Bryan Kest`s Power Yoga studio and with Tamal Dodge at the Yoga collective.

In less than three months Max had clocked up over 100 class hours interspersed with private lessons with Liz Arch. Max undertook the Budokon 200 hour teacher training with Cameron Shayne at his home in Miami and feels especially priviledged to have been given this amazing opportunity. At age 17 and two months, Sensei Max was the World`s youngest certified Budokon yoga instructor. Max returned home to complete an intensive personal training course and is now a REPS3 (Register of Exercise Professionals) level three Personal Trainer.

June 2015 Max undertook a 50 hour arm balance and inversions teacher training with Bryony and Dice Lida Klein at Bryce Yoga Los Angeles.

In October 2015 Max completed the 60 hour Tapasha Hot Yoga teacher training for certified yoga teachers at Triyoga London. Also, in October 2015 Max completed the 70 hour (physically demanding) Broga Teacher Training. Max officially launched his yoga career on 1st December 2015 at David Lloyd. Newbury.