About White Mountain Yoga

White Mountain Yoga is the website for the styles of yoga we offer.

Budokon Yoga.

Budokon is a triple art system covering MMA (mixed martial arts) Yoga and Living arts. Budokon is the only system combining all three elements. At White Mountain Yoga we are primarily concerned with yoga. Budokon is a dynamic and contemporary yoga asana, influenced by ancient Japanese martial arts. Budokon is a seamless transition based flow with circular rotation and dynamic movements. Budokon yoga brings grace, concentration, fluidity and power to hatha yoga. Budokon is challenging and wonderful to perform. However, a basic knowledge of Yoga Asana is required by all participants wishing to take part in classes and workshops.

Vinyasa Power Yoga.

Vinyasa means to ‘flow with the breath’, and is therefore a traditional hatha based yoga with flowing routines. This style is suitable for all levels, ages and abilities despite the word ‘Power’, in the name. Increasing the depth of postures and flowing continually, brings power to this yoga style.

Chinese Yoga.

Chinese yoga is similar to Indian yoga in that the exercises are designed to strengthen and lengthen muscle groups in a gradual and gentle manner without force. The exercises are combined with breath control to improve general health, strength, mobility and balance. These exercises are suitable for all ages and are especially beneficial for senior citizens.

Hatha Yoga.

A traditional style from which all others are derived. Focusing on Meditation, Pranayama (Breathing techniques) Asana (Postures) Mudra ( Seals) etc! All styles incorporate most elements from Hatha. I cover Hatha classes for other teachers, but do not run a class of my own in this style.

Yin & Restorative Yoga.

Based on Hatha techniques this gentle and progressive style is particularly suited for people recovering from injury or with long term injury or illness related issues. I offer this to clients on a one-one basis or very small group’s.

Tapasya Hot Yoga. a carefully designed programme to release toxins from the body. Designed by Canadian Yogi, Kristin Campbell. This style is practised in a heated studio between 36-40C  Tapasya is the system taught in classes at Triyoga, London.


Broga Yoga is a very demanding style designed for the male sensibility (although women are most welcome) This style is extremely challenging physically with the three principals, challenge, sweat & stretch!   Coming to David Lloyd Clubs shortly. Enquire at your club for details.


Arm Balance & Inversions are also taught in Vinyasa Power, Broga & Budokon yoga styles.

Workshops can be arranged at your yoga studio, please email for details.