In December 2015 I joined David Lloyd Newbury and decided to give Yoga a try. Max was my first instructor and at the end of the class i felt incredibly energised and relaxed at the same time. I could not believe how good it was and immediately vowed I would be doing yoga for the rest of my life. Since then, Max has been my teacher and my guide on my journey of improvement in yoga. His enthusiasm, ability and passion for yoga has inspired me to push my stiff limbed body to greater and greater feats of Asana practice. whilst i will never be as good as Max, I am determined to follow his example and keep getting better and better. Namaste, Stuart Morrison
I discovered Max'x yoga classes when i joined a new gym and have not looked back. Max is absolutely brilliant! He has a magic about his teaching; his classes are dynamic, energising, well thought through, interesting and fun. Max teaches Budokon which is graceful and controlled and I simply love his use of flows. I highly recommend attending a class or workshop with Max-it is guaranteed that you will learn a tremendous amount and seriously build your strength. I look forward to every class and my life is definitely better because of his yoga teaching. Malou Burger (Photographer)
Max is an excellent yoga teacher, imparting knowledge and enthusiasm in a way which encourages all class participants to strive for their best, no matter what their previous experience of yoga may be. Max takes care to demonstrate postures suitable for all levels, incorporating extra challenges for those who have already mastered the basics or demonstrating alternatives for those who have injuries.That his classes are always well attended,(and fun) speaks volumes. Max at age 21, will go far! Gill V Harris (David Lloyd, Newbury)
Yoga with Sarah is life changing. I have been taught by Sarah for a few months, and would not be without the weekly dose for anything. Yoga has strengthened my mind and body- the body I expected but the mind is a welcome surprise. I so much appreciate being in a small class and sometimes one-to-one, to be able to concentrate on the detail of each movement and absorb the feel of it all.  I enjoy the alignment of the limbs and torso, the clean-ness of the movement and the logic involved. Sarah's knowledge seems infinite. Sarah adapts the content of each class to suit the mood and pupil mix, she stretches and challenges us, but is careful of our wellbeing. Thank you Sarah, long may your classes continue. Jenny Hill-Norton
I started doing yoga (reluctantly) with Sarah at the beginning of this year. It took me about a month or so, to really notice how it was beginning to change my life for the better. I have been taking two classes per week over the past months and Sarah has been absolutely brilliant. I think Sarah is an amazing teacher and very inspirational, non-judgemental and has so much positive energy. Sarah looks amazing and is always cheerful! Attending Sarah's yoga class has made a huge difference to me as a person. I am much calmer. I am more quietly confidant than I have ever been in my life. I feel stronger, I walk taller, I sleep better. I am learning to breath through my practice which is so helpful and reassuring. I am also increasing my flexibility and with fewer aches and pains. But, interestingly, this has had a secondary importance to me compared to all that i have mentioned above. Discovering yoga and with Sarah's guidance has been a great surprise and a great joy. It is a cliche' to say it has been a life changer, but it is true. Sophie Bartlett
I have been attending Sarah`s yoga for over six months now and I can`t get enough of it! I just love it! As a runner who trains and races regularly my ageing body needs re-aligning and Sarah`s classes do just that. Her carefully worked through routines, target all the key areas of the body that get bent out of shape and help you put them back in place... She is patient and thorough in her approach and her instruction and demonstrations are excellent. Since getting yoga in my life, I have learnt to slow my breathing better in the exercises and feel the improvements in my muscles. my flexibility has definitely improved and I am sure YOGA is a strong asset for injury prevention. above all that... Sarah`s classes are fun and you are guaranteed to walk out of them feeling so much more supple and at one with yourself. Vanessa Lowe
Having practiced yoga for over twenty years and trained as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher, I often find it difficult to locate a yoga class which is challenging and motivating enough to make me continue attending. Sarah`s dynamic yoga class at Perins has been a revelation. Her class offers fresh and challenging yoga flows which incorporate some great Budokon practices. Sarah is excellent at accommodating and encouraging newer students who are not so familiar with yoga, but still offers a dynamic practice for more experienced practitioners. I have been training for the London Marathon for the past six months and found my weekly yoga practice with Sarah invaluable in keeping me flexible and injury free. Without Sarah, I am absolutely sure I would not have been able to finish the marathon-and within my target time. Susie Miller
Being an off road trail runner I have to be very flexible and strong to cope with the demanding trails I run, which usually include numerous obstacles. So, hearing from a fellow runner how yoga can help keep you flexible and strong I joined White Mountain Yoga in January 2014. I gave it a go and 10 months late it has transformed my life, really! My running fitness is much improved and my actual mental wellbeing is calmer and more focussed. This is of course down to the superb teaching methods of Sarah. Sarah effortlessly keeps the sessions flowing, but still has time to give you individual attention when needed. Also, you actually see and feel an improvement after only a few sessions. After telling my fellow runners at my club, how good Sarah`s yoga is, several more members now enjoy the weekly sessions as part of their fitness routine. David Hayles, Alton Running Club.
Budokon, once tasted, it`s easy to become addicted to this fresh, exciting and challenging style of yoga. Sarah is a wonderful and inspiring teacher who is absolutely committed to her students. Michail Walsh, New Energy Fitness, Winchester.
Having been introduced to Budokon Yoga by Sarah a few months ago, it has instantly captured me. I enjoy it being quite a physical form of yoga which helps build my core strength as well as muscle and joint flexibility to compliment my other training. Sarah`s elegant strength and patience in demonstrating the practice is something I can only hope to aim for! Melisa Summers, New Energy Fitness, Winchester.
I`ve only been doing Budokon Yoga for a few weeks, but already hooked. This style of yoga is perfect for those who want to get strong, it`s a constant challenge and thoroughly enjoyable! Sarah is a fantastic teacher and is really enthusiastic and has a genuine passion for getting the best out of her students. Joe Lillywhite, New Energy Fitness, Winchester
I have been attending Sarah`s yoga classes consistently for 10 months. The classes are demanding, with some challenging positions but Sarah`s style is both relaxed and encouraging which makes the classes fun. As a competitive runner I find Sarah`s yoga a great counter balance to my running. Not only have I improved my yoga in this time, but also, it has helped me to keep free from injury. Debbie Rhodes, Alton Running Club
Max is an incredibly talented young man. Even more impressive than his physical talent, is his heart and dedication to perfecting his craft. He has an inquisitive mind, hardworking attitude and gentle spirit. He will no doubt inspire a new generation of yogis to join him on his yogic path. Love and light, Liz Arch  
Max was the youngest and one of the most promising students to pass through the Budokon Yoga 200hour programme. I enjoyed working with Max on a daily basis throughout the course, and watching his rapid growth and tremendous efforts. I believe he has the work ethic and character to make himself into a master of whatever he chooses. Kancho Cameron Shayne, founder Budokon University.  
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sarah Munro to go on the REPs register of exercise professional. Sarah is a highly competent teacher and has a superb level of practice. She communicates honestly and clearly, and has the ability to get on well with people of all ages and backgrounds. Sue Woodd MRSS
Sarah is a highly qualified Yoga teacher. I have first hand, witnessed her abilities to instruct a fun, safe and technical yoga class with confidence and grace. I would highly recommend Sarah for any yoga teaching position as she will only enhance any programme in which she takes part. Tamal Dodge ERYT The Yoga Collective. Santa Monica, California.  
Sarah Munro attended and graduated the Budokon University Yoga Training course at the International Headquarters in Miami, Florida. Sarah performed extremely well, demonstrating a high level of aptitude as both a student and teacher. Her technical skill and knowledge of Yoga posture is second only to her skill as a communicator. I would highly recommend her as a yoga teacher at any institution. Kancho Cameron Shayne, President and founder Budokon University.